The Image Collector

Images found and collected in my neighborhood
and in my travels around the world.
These are all original photos, not reblogs.

If you want archival prints of them,
feel free to ask in comments. I can print any size up to 22x29 and will ship free anywhere in the world.

David Scott Moyer

Edward Abbey

This was made a couple years after I moved to the Desert Southwest.  I think I would have liked this man. 

Who Do You Blame?

Who Do You Blame?

Suppose you have a man and a woman living in a house together.  The man is a prize fighter, trained by professionals.  It was originally the woman’s house, but she was forced to share it with the prize fighter by all of his friends, who are even bigger than he.  At first, they shared the house more or less equally, but after she decided to try to get her home back and failed, he restricted her to…

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